PIV & CAC Smart Card Readers

The most critical factor in successfully upgrading a PACS to use HSPD-12 credentials is selecting the proper PIV, PIV-I, TWIC or CAC Reader. We can help you determine the optimal Smart Card Reader, whether your building needs low assurance or high assurance.

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g6 PACS Upgrade Platform

Want to keep you legacy PACS but need to meet PKI strong authentication?  With BridgePoint g6 CAC and PIV Readers and a g6 Authentication Module, you can upgrade most legacy physical access systems to be HSPD-12 compliant for strong authentication without breaking your bank account.

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PIV & CAC Enrollment & Validation Systems

Is your agency preparing to implement an HSPD-12 program? If so, then Enrollment and Validation needs to be included in the planning process. BridgePoint PIV and CAC Readers for Enrollment can import data from the credentials and perform the necessary PKI validation steps to securely and efficiently enroll credentials to most legacy PACS.

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ePACS Physical Access System

Whether you want to run on a local network or in the Cloud, BridgePoint's ePACS Physical Access Control System (PACS) delivers enterprise class features for controlling access. ePACS is the only system from a single source that is fully integrated with PKI to meet the latest federal standards and guidance.

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ePACS Single Door Access System

If you need to use PIV or CAC Readers to control access to one or two doors on a limited budget, BridgePoint's ePACS Single Door Access Control System will do the job.  It is the only single door access solution that meets the latest federal standards and guidance.  And it can be scaled to large facility needs.

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BridgePoint, the leaders in providing proven, trouble-free PIV and CAC Readers and Access Control Solutions for HSPD-12 compliance.

Whether you need to upgrade an existing physical access system or install a new PIV card reader system with PKI verification and certificate validation, our best-in-class solutions cover the spectrum for strong authentication. For nearly a decade, the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security have relied on our CAC card and PIV card access and authentication solutions. BridgePoint's CAC and PIV readers help the nation's top government agencies ensure "Trust at the Threshold™."

Our products are securely designed and built in the USA, ensuring robust performance backed by exceptional support. For over 10 years BridgePoint has supported the DoD Common Access Card program and Federal PIV program with CAC and PIV card readers that meet the GSA-APL Evaluation Program requirements.

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