Upgrade my existing system to be HSPD-12 Compliant with PKI Strong Authentication

For nearly a decade, Federal Government agencies have struggled with how to modernize their existing physical access control systems (PACS) to operate in the HSPD-12 environment.  The challenge has been elusive: legacy systems are proprietary and based on 30-year old Wiegand communication while HSPD-12 requires use of high-speed modern cryptographic tools.

Many physical access providers offer PIV Readers and CAC Readers that are listed on the GSA Approved Products List.  Agencies have purchased these components under the implication that their legacy PACS will then be HSPD-12 “compliant.” 

Unfortunately, this is not the case: replacing a legacy reader with PIV Reader or a CAC Reader is not a secure solution.  To trust that a PIV Card is genuine and not a counterfeit, clone or copy, the public key certificates on the card must be checked for revocation status, the private keys on the PIV must be activated using PKI challenge-response and the access system must confirm that the public key on the certificate enrolled is the same public key on the PIV requesting access. 

BridgePoint’s g6 Authentication Platform can modernize many existing PACS to be HSPD-12 compliant.  The g6 is a tightly integrated software and hardware solution that is:

  • Simple to implement,
  • Seamless to operate
  • Preserves the legacy PACS infrastructure

The g6 Platform avoids the need for a new overlaying network or a new server that the competitive solution requires, while the TrustAlert Enrollment application streamlines the enrollment and PKI authentication of PIV and CAC credentials. 

The g6 is by far the most foolproof and cost effective path for modernizing a legacy PACS without major demolition.

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