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BridgePoint has been providing the Federal Government smart card program with physical access solutions longer than any other firm in the industry. From Readers to PKI validation to cloud-based PACS, BridgePoint offers cutting-edge technology through fully-compliant  PACS solutions or upgrades to legacy systems, saving money on hardware, software and installation. Our software and hardware are developed and built locally in the United States, all of which are supported by the engineers who worked with the Federal Government on many of the critical security issues related with the HSPD-12 program.
Working with us at BridgePoint means you can rely on our state-of-the-art CRM, MRP and Technical Support systems. We ensure that all requirements for a successful installation are understood and met by our team. We thoroughly investigate all installation details, including where our products are  installed and how they are used, so that we can provide you with future service and support that is rapid and efficient - even when the original dealer or installer may no longer be longer available.
We are the only firm that has consistently met the requirements for the Federated Physical Access Control System (PACS) sponsored by the GSA in February of 2010. In addition, we are the first to:
  • Open a door using the DoD Common Access Card (Ft. Belvoir, 2002)
  • Integrate the CAC with biometrics in a real world deployment (Ft. Belvoir, 2003)
  • Install a FIPS-201 interoperable reader in a Federal Government building (GSA Federal Center in New York City, October 2007)
  • Implement PKI challenge - response into a Door Access Reader
  • Install a door access system utilizing PKI OCSP validation and PKI verification in a DoD facility (Ft. Huachuca, 2008)
  • Install a PACS with PKI certificate validation and challenge-response in a multi-tenant government building in Washington D.C. (FEMA Headquarters , 2010)
  • Receive GSA PBS approval to install a “cloud-based PACS” operating on the GSA network in a GSA facility (Des Moines IA, 2011)
  • Integrate with the DHS Science & Technology BAE
  • Integrate our Controllers directly with an Oracle/PeopleSoft IDMS using native SSL and eliminating the need for a local dedicated PACS.

Over the years, we at BridgePoint have proven our willingness and capability to work with our customers in order to solve challenging and unique problems. Contact us if you have a challenge; we are ready to help you solve it!

Click here to view the results from this project which are available at the GSA ID Management website.

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