ePACS Single Door System

The ePACS Single Door is the premier access system for government facilities seeking cost-effective access to small areas that are required to be compliant with HSPD-12. It can operate stand-alone with no network connection, on a local private network or on a wide-area network. 

The system is ideal for the following applications:
EntryPoint Reader
  • Building Access
  • Parking and Gate Access
  • Laboratories, Pharmacies and Offices
  • SIPRNet, NIPRNet & SCIF Areas
  • Remote and Temporary Use Facilities
  • Class Rooms & 1st Responder Access
ePACS Single Door delivers powerful access control features that are offered by expensive networked systems. It operates with all types of government issued CAC, PIV, TWIC and PIV-I credentials and also supports BridgePoint CryptoID visitor cards. The system includes one 2-Factor Dual Interface Reader and a second Reader can be added, expanding the system to two doors or to monitor egress from the first door.
Software includes the TrustAlert Enrollment Application and the ePACS
Physical Access Application.



Hardware components include one 2-Factor Enrollment Reader, one 2-Factor Door Access Reader that can be switched between Card only and Card + PIN modes. and one 2-Door Controller. Installation requires mounting the Reader and Controller, installing an electric door hardware device (not included), providing 110 VAC power to the Controller and connecting the Reader and electric door hardware device to the Controller.

ePACS Software

BridgePoint’s ePACS Single Door software application operates on a standard PC with a browser such as Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. ePACS Single Door can configure access schedules, enable and disable users and display activity reports. No dedicated hand-held computers are needed to program or audit the Readers – it is all handled by the network connection. The system can be disconnected from the network but will continue to operate off-line. Connectivity is required only when there are updates to be made or audit logs to retrieve.


The system can be expanded to two doors with the addition of a second Reader or to manage up to 256 doors with the purchase of an enterprise license along with the needed Readers and Controllers. It can even be upgraded to use PKI Validation of certificates on the credentials and to implement challenge-response to the keys on the credentials.
ePACS Single Door is the perfect first step solution to HSPD-12 compliance at a cost effective price and scalable performance.