ePACS - Web-based Physical Access Control System

BridgePoint introduces ePACS, the new paradigm for controlling access to facilities seeking Federal Government compliance with HSPD-12 by implementing PKI in PACS. The System operates with all modern credentials including PIV, CAC, TWIC, PIV-I and BridgePoint CryptoID Visitor Cards.

ePACS supports 3 basic operating modes for amazing flexibility: stand-alone, Local Area Network or VPN cloud-based infrastructure. The Federal Government, along with large providers of critical infrastructure to small enterprises, are seeking platforms that support open standards with public key enablement, save money and take advantage of mobility.

Engineered with native web services and powerful encryption mechanisms, ePACS eliminates the need to “bolt on” expensive and complicated third party proprietary devices, networks or software “plug-ins” that bog-down system performance and increase service and maintenance.  The ePACS is a seamless locution that enrolls users effortlessly and eliminates the possibility of cloned PIV cards being used by integrating persistent certificate validation with challenge-response and public key confirmation at the door before access is authorized.

ePACS is a browser-based application that can operate over a local dedicated network or an existing wide-area network. The application eliminates the need for thick clients and dedicated servers, further saving money and power.

ePACS Controller

TrustAlert Enrollment Software

  • Browser based thin-client application
  • Operates on private LAN or VPN over WAN
  • TrustAlert front-end Enrollment
  • Application supports 1-Click Enrollment & PKI Certificate capture
  • Seamless integration with PKI Validation by OCSP or SCVP
  • Performs PKI Challenge-Response in Controllers
  • Supports scheduled control of BridgePoint 1-Factor, 2-Factor & 3-Factor Readers from ePACS Application
  • High-speed RS-485 communication with AES-256 bit encryption from Reader to Controller
  • Supports all PIV, CAC, TWIC & PIV-I and BridgePoint CryptoID Cards
  • Supports PIN to Card or Pin to Controller
  • Extensive capability to create Access Levels by Entry Point and by Time Schedule
  • Audit Reports by entry point, time and user